Menu 26 euros

Small vegetable salad bacon croutons

Green bean salad with chicken livers

Spinach salad with soft-boiled eggs

Head of chicken liver terrine

Fish terrine with chive cream

Warm goat cheese profiteroles with cream.

3 duck salad (smoked duck breast, foie gras, gizzards) + 9 €


Fish fillet with vegetables in cream

Skewer fish with olive oil and ratatouille

Jacques scallops with raw shallot (+ 9 €)

Chicken escalope with sorrel cream

Grilled rumsteck (or pepper sauce or blue cheese)

Sliced chicken with porcini cream

Duck breast with fresh figs (+5 €)

Sliced beef filet with raw shallot (+9 €)



Red fruit mousse with raspberry sauce

Cream reversed with salted butter

Charlotte with pear coulis

Chocolate Pear Tart

Various sorbets and ice creams.


To begin

3 duck salad (smoked duck breast, foie gras, gizzards) 22 €

Chicken liver terrine 12 €

Fish terrine with chive cream   12 €

Chiffon St Jacques in warm crayfish coulis   15 €

Shell St Jacques salad was walnut oil   20 €

Gourmet salad (raw fish marinated in lime duo, warm duck ducks, crayfish) 22 €


The fish

3 fish tartar with   20 €

Salmon has the unilateral lemon cream   20 €

Mixed fish with saffron cream 24 €

Coquille St Jacques in raw shallot   29 €

Duo of fish pepper coulis   20 €



Pork fillet with Roquefort   19 €

Pork tenderloin with garlic   19 €

Duck Aiguillette with blackcurrants   21 €

Fillet of duck with mango   21 €

Duck fillet with pepper cream   21 €

Sliced ??beef fillet with shallots raw   28 €

Sliced ??beef tenderloin with raspberry   28 €

Fillet of beef with two peppers   29 €


The delicacies

Cheese plate   10 €

Red fruit mousse with raspberry sauce   10 €

Various ice creams and sorbets   10 €

Charlotte with pear coulis   10 €

Pear and chocolate tart   10 €

Crunchy chocolate with custard   10 €

Plate of the Constable (seasonal assortment of fruits, raspberry coulis, sorbets) 12 €

Possibility of composition Specific menus for groups on request in contacts